Black Bear Hunts in British Columbia

Trophy Guided Spot & Stalk Black Bear Hunting

Black Bear hunting in this area has produced many trophies in excess of 7ft and average 6ft or more.

Vancouver Island black bear hunting is famous for offering trophy bear hunting, and the Coastal Mountains throughout British Columbia is an extension of that. Bear hunts in our area are very similar to that of Vancouver Island hunts, producing the same quality of bear with the opportunity to also hunt wolf in the Spring, and moose, mountain goat and wolf during the Fall months.

Spring black bear hunts begin in early May and take place in the lower parts of our various mountain valleys, this is where the first grasses of Spring emerge and hungry bears are concentrated. The fur on Spring bears is long, due to their many months of hibernation, and typically without rub patches as the bothersome insects have yet to emerge.

Our Spring black bear hunts are strictly spot and stalk, baiting is not allowed in BC. Trucks and ATV’s are used to access previously logged areas or the southern slopes of hillsides where the bears feed. Mid-May to mid-June is the peak of our spring black bear season. By late May and early June hunting takes place until 10pm. The short nights force the bears to feed during daylight hours, and the increased activity of the bear rut ensures a high success rate. Numerous bears will be seen, typically we see several each day.

Our bear hunts are conducted from our main base camp or from a remote cabin located on a fish-filled lake accessible by truck. The base camp offers many of the comforts of home, with electricity, running water, hot showers, free Wi-Fi, landline phone, and convenient access to the local shops in town. The remote cabin operates on generator power. In either location you can engage in some self-guided fishing on one of our many lakes before or after your bear hunt.

Spring Black Bear Hunts

The Spring hunts offer high success rates with exciting spot and stalk hunting, typically seeing numerous bears and other wildlife each day. At this time of the year the weather is pleasantly warm and the days are long, allowing us to hunt until late in the day. In addition, the insects are less bothersome throughout May and early June to humans as well as bears. For these reasons our Spring bear hunts are especially favored by couples, families and groups.

Fall Black Bear Hunting

Fall Black Bear Hunting is also spot and stalk and is largely done throughout the mountains, focusing on berry patches as the bears are feeding heavily to prepare for hibernation. By Fall a bear will typically have gained 75-100 pounds compared to when it emerged from hibernation in late April or early May. Fall black bear hunting Is an excellent addition to a Fall moose hunt or to a Fall mountain goat hunt.

Skeena Gear List – Spring Black Bear

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