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Guided Moose Hunting in British Columbia

The majority of clients come for a guided British Columbia moose hunt. Our area in central northwest British Columbia has moose of the Canadian (Western) subspecies, in contrast to the Shiras subspecies in the lower Province and in the United States, and the Alaska-Yukon moose in the far north. Our two adjacent guiding territories present a variety of options for hunters of differing interests and abilities. Breathtaking floatplane trips into our remote wilderness cabins can be designed to provide you with seclusion and excellent hunting opportunities in the backcountry due to the inaccessibility of the area. We also offer truck-accessible camps for hunters interested in a traditional BC moose hunting trip and a chance to fill their freezers with several hundred pounds of moose meat. Either way, we can design a hunting trip that meets your requirements.

Floatplane Moose Hunting Trips

The floatplane hunting area basecamp has a lodge and camp centrally located with a large trail network for moose hunting. The area is managed specifically for larger bulls and a remote backcountry hunting experience with very few hunts conducted each year. While the average bull may be in the mid- to upper 40 inch range, many bulls 50 inches or larger have been taken. Hunts take place on the lake, in the valley surrounding camp, and in the mountains beyond. This provides opportunities for all abilities.
Another fly-in camp is located within a British Columbia Protected Area, and has been designated a Provincial Park. The excitement of flying into a glacier-fed lake to your camp that is surrounded by towering glacier-covered peaks is unequalled. Hunt with your guide in solitude by boat on the 3-mile long lake. And it’s only a 30-minute hike from camp to hunt another similar lake. Many smaller lakes, swamps, rivers and valleys offer a variety of hunting opportunities on the floatplane
trips. Hunt by boat or canoe on the lakes, use a tree stand, ATV, or hike throughout the valleys to a variety of prime moose habitat. Many hunters combine their fly-in moose hunt with wolf and wolverine hunts. And be sure take advantage of some premier fishing opportunities in your down time. Our fly-in hunts are typically 8-10 days, and all fly-in locations are equipped with cabins with wood heat.

Transportation at camp is by boat, canoe, hiking, and in some instances ATV or horses. These hunts are conducted during the rut to optimize your chance of calling in a rutting bull.

Truck-Accessible Moose Hunting Trips

The main Skeena hunting base camp when travelling by truck is a comfortable lodge setting offering a small number of sleeping rooms, hot showers, electricity, land-line phone, unlimited WiFi, and of course plenty of family-style meals. Other camps accessible from the main lodge are reached by 4x4s or boats and consist of cabins or wooden floor wall tents, either style offers a warm and comfortable place to eat and sleep during your hunt. The variety of camps used throughout the area give us the ability to tailor a hunt to your abilities and interests.

Moose taken from our main Skeena base camp area have racks ranging from 35 – 47 inches with an occasional trophy to 55 inches. In our hunting area there are no size restrictions, any bull may be taken. These hunts are frequently combined with hunts for black bear, wolf, deer, and in some instances mountain goats.

We also offer moose migration hunts from Nov. 1-15, the last two weeks of our moose season. When the snow starts piling up the moose start to move from higher mountains to their lower wintering range, nearer where our main base camp is located. Some of our biggest bulls are taken during these migration hunts.

Whether you are looking to call in a trophy moose during the rut on a remote backcountry fly-in hunt, or when the trophy is the excitement of the hunt itself and the meat you take home with you, we can tailor a hunt for you.

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